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Journey to Kaho'olawe


Journey to Kaho’olawe is an artist publication by Hans Winkler and T’uy’t-tanat Cease Wyss. The artist book is the result of a four year process centred on the Hawaiian Island of Kaho’olawe, a sacred site to the Hawaiians in recovery after being occupied as a practice range by the American military. Returned to the Hawaiians in the 1990s, the island is being remediated and returned to its natural state.

The publication also documents the Kanaka presence in British Columbia since the late 1700s when Native Hawaiians travelled to BC with some staying and marrying into the Squamish peoples on the BC Coast and many other indigenous communities throughout the region. With texts by Wyss and historians Jean Barman and Bruce McIntyre Watson in addition to Hans Winkler the book represents the four year research project by the artists.

The publication includes texts by Glenn Alteen, Jean Barman, Bruce McIntyre Watson, Hans Hs Winkler and Cease Wyss.

Publication Design: Sebastien Aubin

120 pages