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Mamook Ipsoot Art Cards


Mamook Ipsoot (To Hide or Make Hidden) was a project that took place at grunt gallery in 2013. Read more about the project here:

This set of cards features 7 unique greeting cards based on the collaboration of the artist, Desiree Palmen, and the Aboriginal youth. Inside the card is a quote from the youth about how they felt about the project. The back of the card includes an overview of the project:

"In July 2013, grunt gallery invited Dutch artist, Desiree Palemn, to travel to Vancouver from the Netherlands. She created a youth project called, "Mamook Ipsoot' (Chinook translation: To Hide/Make Hidden) that collaborated with seven local Aboriginal yout. The artist worked with the youth so they could camouflage paint themselves into a chosen setting within their urban landscape. The camouflague photos were produced into bus shelter posters and could be seen by the Vancouver public at various locations throughout October/November 2013.

"It's a way for the youth to explore their connectino to their surroundings and affirm their presence." – Desiree Palmen, artist."